At Calm&Beauty, we present you with a unique experience in body treatments designed to revitalise your body and soul. With an exceptional combination of experience and innovative approach, our centre distinguishes itself by offering treatments that go beyond the conventional.

Our specialisation in wood therapy and coffee therapy reflects our commitment to excellence and personal attention.

Body treatments at Calm&Beauty

Discover a new standard in body treatments in Malaga. At Calm&Beauty, we invite you to embark on a journey towards harmony, renewal and lasting beauty. Welcome to your wellness destination, where tranquillity and beauty converge!

Bust wood therapy

Aesthetic treatment in which we use wooden tools specifically designed to tone, firm and improve the appearance of the bust. With this technique, we use the unique properties of different wooden instruments, which we apply by means of massages and specific movements to the bust area.

Price: 45,00€

Maderoterapia de busto

Leg and buttock wood therapy

At Calm&Beauty we perform a wood therapy treatment adapted to legs and buttocks, focusing on toning, firming and improving circulation in these areas of your body. All this is done with materials made of wood, applied with specific techniques.

Price: 65,00€

Wood therapy abdomen and sides

Tummy and side wood therapy is an aesthetic treatment that uses specific wooden tools to perform massages and movements designed to tone, firm and improve the appearance of the abdominal area and the sides of the body. The wood therapy technique harnesses the unique properties of various wooden tools to stimulate circulation, improve skin elasticity and promote a firmer appearance.

Price: 50,00€

Maderoterapia abdomen y laterales

Body exfoliation and moisturising

Body exfoliation and moisturising is an aesthetic treatment that aims to improve the texture and appearance of the skin all over the body. This procedure is carried out in two main steps: exfoliation and moisturising.

Price: 49,00€