Do you need a relaxing massage? We offer you relaxing massages, descontracturantes, draining, areomaterapia and even massages to 4 hands, everything you need to get to rest and recharge batteries, all in the heart of Malaga, in Calle Salinas, next to the famous Calle Larios.

Massages at Calm&Beauty

Explore our range of massages, from relaxing and decontracting to draining and aromatherapy with hot stones. Each session is designed to transport you to a state of deep calm, releasing tension and revitalising body and mind.

Relaxing massage, 30 and 60 minutes

Discover the exquisiteness of the relaxing massage at Calm&Beauty, where serenity merges with the mastery of our therapists to offer you a unique experience of relaxation. Focused on releasing tension, relieving stress and giving you a moment of peace, our relaxing massage is the perfect option to renew your wellbeing. We have 30 and 60 minute massages available.

Price: 30,00€ and 50,00€.

Decontracting massage 30 and 60 minutes

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic depths of decontracting massage at Calm&Beauty, where the experience is tailored to your individual needs to release muscle tension and restore harmony to your body. Whether it’s a quick release or a deeper dive, in either scenario you will enjoy complete relaxation.

Price: 40,00€ and 60,00€.

Masaje drenante 30 y 60 minutos

Explore the renewing wellness of a draining massage at Calm&Beauty, where our expert therapists use specialised techniques to stimulate circulation and help you release accumulated toxins, promoting a feeling of lightness and vitality.

Price: 60,00€

4 Hands Massage

At Calm&Beauty, the 4-hand massage is performed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every part of your body receives the care it needs. This unique treatment is ideal for those seeking a truly unique and rejuvenating massage experience.

Price: 120,00€.