At Calm&Beauty, we understand hair removal as not just another beauty treatment, but as a way to express your confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin. Our beauty center in Malaga is dedicated to offer you the most effective and comfortable hair removal treatments that will make you feel renewed and with a radiant skin.

Hair removal treatments at Calm&Beauty

At Calm&Beauty, we understand that every skin and every client is unique, so we offer a variety of hair removal options to suit your preferences and needs.

Choose between our waxing and threading treatments:


Experience long-lasting smoothness with a waxing service at Calm&Beauty. In our beauty salon in Malaga we use high quality waxes to provide you with a comfortable, effective and long lasting experience. We apply waxing all over the body, from legs to arms, armpits, legs and eyebrows. Our team of beauty experts make sure you feel relaxed and cared for throughout the entire waxing process. Forget your worries and enjoy smooth skin like never before with our waxing.

Full and half legs

We remove hair from the whole or half of the leg, according to your needs. This hair removal treatment is performed with the application of wax on the skin, removing the hair from the root. The waxes we use in Calm&Beauty are of the highest quality, being respectful with the skin, reducing the risk of irritations and other problems.

Price: 22,00€ and 14,00€, respectively

Underarms, bikini or chin

We perform waxing of delicate areas of the body, such as underarms, chin or bikini. To do this, we apply the wax with special delicacy, at the necessary temperature and remove it with the same care, trying to avoid irritating the skin and causing the client to suffer.

Price: 10,00€

Brazilian bikini

We perform Brazilian waxing, applying high quality natural waxes and taking care of the area, avoiding irritation. Once the Brazilian waxing is finished, we apply different products and treatments to recover the skin.

Price: 14,00€.

Full arms and pubis

We remove the hair from the whole arm. For this purpose, we use our selection of body waxes, which are particularly suitable for removing body hair from large areas such as arms, legs and pubic area.

Price: 18,00 € and 20,00, respectively


This type of waxing focuses on the removal of hair in the area around the anus. Its realization has beneficial aspects in terms of personal hygiene and personal tastes.

Price: 10,00€

Eyebrow design

Treatment focused on the aesthetic improvement of the eyebrows, using wax to shape, define and reshape the eyebrows thanks to the removal of hair by waxing. With this design, a better harmony of the eyes and the face as a whole is achieved.

Price: from 15,00€

Upper lip

The upper lip area is one of the most commonly treated areas for waxing. This is because their appearance is annoying and, in many cases, they decide to be removed as soon as possible for aesthetic reasons.

Price: 7,00€


All waxing treatments that we perform in our beauty and esthetics center in Malaga, can be applied, and are applied daily in men.

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Depilation with thread

For those who are looking for a precise hair removal technique that delays hair growth while micro-exfoliating, leaving a smooth skin. In our beauty salon in Malaga, we master the art of shaping your eyebrows and removing unwanted hair with high quality threads. This ancient technique provides amazing results without irritation or the use of harsh chemicals. Enjoy the precision and elegance of thread hair removal at Calm&Beauty, achieving magnificent results.


Threading eyebrows has been used for millennia, especially in parts of Asia and the Middle East. Cotton threads are used to remove unwanted eyebrow hair by twisting and winding them in a very precise manner.

Price: 10,00€


As well as the eyebrow waxing previously mentioned, in our beauty center in Malaga we use cotton threads to remove hair from the lip contour, improving its aesthetics and enhancing the lips and mouth as a whole.

Price: 7,00€

Cheeks, cheekbones and sideburns

Although these are areas with very little hair (with the exception of the sideburns), when hair appears in these areas, threading is often used to remove it. Threading is very practical for these areas as it allows the removal, hair by hair, of all the hairs to be removed.

Price: 8,00€


At Calm&Beauty we offer you a full face waxing with threading, in order to combine all the necessary depilations to achieve a harmonious face, without excess hair and with a defined aesthetic line.

Price: 28,00€

Full legs

We remove hair from the entire leg. This hair removal treatment is performed with the use of cotton thread, removing all the hair with a procedure that takes maximum care of the skin.

Price: 50,00€

Full and half arms

We remove hair from the whole arm or half of the arm, depending on your needs. This hair removal treatment can be performed with the use of cotton thread.

Price: 40,00€ and 30,00€, respectively