We are a centre specialised in pedicure in the historic centre of Malaga where we want you to enjoy a unique experience while we take care of your feet, using products from leading brands.

Pedicure treatments at Calm&Beauty

In our beauty salon centre in Malaga we carry out all types of pedicure treatments, offering you the possibility to personalise them to suit your needs and those of your feet.

Foot massage with exfoliation

The foot massage with exfoliation begins with a water bath, which prepares the skin for the subsequent exfoliation. This is followed by a foot massage with moisturising cream, recovering the tissue and leaving it in optimum condition.

Price: 23,00€.

Permanent pedicure

With our permanent nail polish you will get perfect nails, which resist your daily activity and last much longer than you expect. Get ready for perfect nails this summer and all year round.

Price: 24,00€.

Express pedicure

Do you need an urgent pedicure? At Calm&Beauty we can give you an express pedicure in the centre of Malaga, achieving excellent results for your feet. Even if it is an express pedicure, our pedicure includes: water bath, nail filing, cuticle work, moisturising and polish.

Price: 22,00€

Calm&Beauty Pedicure

Personalised pedicure designed by our team. In one session, you will enjoy a complete service, with which you will get a 10-star pedicure. The Calm&Beauty pedicure includes: salt bath, exfoliation, callus treatment, massage with cream, deep hydration, thermal wrap, cuticle treatment and nail polish.

Price: 42,00€

Spa Pedicure

Enjoy a pedicure combined with a spa treatment. Our Spa pedicure, valued at 32,00 €, includes: mineral salt bath, removal of calluses, exfoliation, hydration with wrap, cuticle treatment and nail polish.

Price: 34,00€.

Pedicure for tired legs

In addition to treating your nails, we offer you our tired legs treatment, with which we treat your legs, improving their condition and relieving tiredness. This service includes nail filing, salt bath, fresh exfoliation, removal of calluses, specific cream for tired legs, circulatory massage, moisturising, wrapping, cuticle treatment and nail polish.

Price: 48,00€.

Pedicure with aromatherapy and hot stones

This is a pedicure treatment that goes one step further than a pedicure for tired legs, incorporating a hot stone massage with aromatherapy and essential oil. One of the most recommended experiences of our Beauty Salon in Malaga.

Price: 54,00€.

Supreme Calm Pedicure

We perform a meticulous pedicure treatment, filing the nails and treating them with avant-garde techniques and TOP products. All this in a relaxed, unique and relaxing atmosphere, so that you can enjoy a moment of peace.

Price: 68,00€.

Removing permanent enamel

Removal of the remains of permanent nail polish in order to apply a new polish or treatment on your nails.

Price: 6,00€

Permanent enamelling supplement

Additional bonus by adding permanent enamel to treatments that do not include permanent enamel.

Price: 9,00€

Ingrown toenails

We treat your ingrown toenails, improving their condition, eliminating possible infections and the resulting discomfort found in your nails.

Price: 5,00€

Podal reconstruction

Pedicure treatment focused on recovering the shape, functionality and health of your nails.

Price: 6,00€/ud

Foot reflexology

Pressure is applied to different points on the foot, trying to solve problems in the tissues, nerves, bones and joints that depend on it.

Price: 48,00€.