Your eyes are the window to your soul. Why not turn that window into a masterpiece of eye-catching design? At Calm&Beauty, we understand that your eyes are unique and powerful, and we are here to enhance their beauty in the most personalised and captivating way.

Calm&Beauty Eye Design

Have you ever dreamt of eyebrows that frame your face? Or with eyelashes that add a touch of mystery and charm to every blink? You may want to highlight your eyes with eyeliner that accentuates their colour and shape. Whatever your wish is, our experts in eye design in Malaga are ready to make it come true.

Our eye design services in Malaga are designed to reveal the true essence of your eyes and highlight what makes you authentic. Beauty is in your eyes. Let Calm&Beauty make it shine.

Day make-up

Daytime make-up is a make-up technique that is designed to look natural and suitable for daytime situations or events that do not require overly flashy make-up. Generally, the aim is to highlight the natural beauty of the face without making the make-up too flashy.

Starting at 40,00€.

Maquillaje de día​ | Calm&Beauty
Maquillaje countoring​ | Calm&Beauty

Make-up countoring

Contouring is a make-up technique used to highlight and sculpt facial features, creating the illusion of dimension and definition to the face. This technique is based on the application of darker shadows and lighter highlights to shape and highlight certain areas of the face. One of the most requested eye design treatments at Calm&Beauty.

Price: 50,00€

Self-make-up course

Transform your look and discover your inner beauty with our automatic make-up course focused on eye design at Calm&Beauty! Have you ever wished you had the confidence to bring out your eyes in a stunning way? Now is your chance! Join us on an exciting journey into the world of automatic make-up, where you will learn the professional secrets to enhance your eyes and show your best version of yourself.

Price: 55,00€.

Curso de automaquillaje​ | Calm&Beauty

Eyelash perm + tint

It consists of a semi-permanent curling of the eyelashes, creating the effect of curved and lifted eyelashes. This technique can have several benefits to enhance the eyes and improve the overall appearance of the eyes.

Price: 45,00€

Eyelash lifting

Eyelash lifting, also known as lash lift, is a beauty procedure performed in salons and beauty centres to enhance the appearance of natural eyelashes. Unlike eyelash extensions, an eyelash lift does not involve adding false lashes, but focuses on shaping and lifting the natural lashes to create the effect of longer, curved lashes.

Price: 49,00€

Extensiones de pestañas | Calm&Beauty

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a beauty service that is part of eyelash design and is used to enhance and beautify natural eyelashes. This technique involves the addition of artificial lashes, which can be individual or grouped, to the natural lashes to achieve the effect of longer, denser and more defined lashes.

Price: 69,00€.

2D Eyelashes

2D eyelashes, also known as 2D eyelash extensions, are a type of eyelash extension applied during a beauty service to give the eyelashes a more voluminous appearance. The term “2D” refers to “two-dimensional”, indicating that in this case two individual eyelash extensions are applied to each natural lash. This creates a double volume and density effect compared to natural lashes.

Price: 89,00€.

Pestañas 2D | Calm&Beauty
Pestañas 3D | Calm&Beauty

3D Eyelashes

3D eyelashes, also known as 3D eyelash extensions, are a beautifying option that is used to achieve a noticeably voluminous look to the eyelashes. The term “3D” refers to “three-dimensional”, meaning that in this case three individual eyelash extensions are applied to each natural lash. This procedure generates a triple volume and density effect compared to natural lashes, giving a more luxurious and seductive look to the eye.

Price: 110,00€

2D and 3D filling

If you have already requested the 2D eyelashes or 3D eyelashes treatment in our beauty salon in Malaga, it is likely that at certain times you will need to have your eyelashes filled in.

Price: on request

Remove extensions

For those cases in which you already use extensions, we recommend you to remove them in order to correctly apply our beauty and eye design treatments. The price varies depending on your extensions and the service to be applied.

Price: on request

Eyelash filler

At Calm&Beauty, we offer an eyelash filler service that focuses on maintaining and enhancing the appearance of existing eyelash extensions. This service is especially interesting for those who have previously had eyelash extensions and wish to keep a flawless and captivating look.

Price: 49,00€

Relleno de pestañas | Calm&Beauty
Tinte de pestañas | Calm&Beauty

Eyelash or eyebrow dye (natural henna)

At Calm&Beauty, our beauty salon specialising in eye design in Malaga, we offer an eyelash tinting service that focuses on enhancing and beautifying the appearance of your eyes.

Price: 18,00€